Change your frequency


You need to have a happy memory, or a happy song, that brings about such jubilance in your soul that you are able to snap out of the negative and right back to the positive where you belong

Hi – how have you been getting on? Are you any closer to achieving the goals you laid out at the beginning of this journey?  Have you got your diary culling down to a fine art, and things to look forward to that involve both people and activities that you love?  Are you getting out of bed every day thinking how wonderful you are and how you are going to positively impact on those around you today?

Or, more importantly, are you trying to find that all elusive 5 minutes for you each day?  I have to say, that since I started this mission, I have felt so much lighter on my feet, and the things that I am doing for me have been quite varied but all good fun.  I have had an amazing week, my nails and lashes look good, I am off to have a full body massage on Saturday (followed by two back to back children’s parties, just to put things in perspective!) and last night I had a wonderful date night at a lovely boutique restaurant that doubles up as a gin room. Continue reading

Love Yourself


You may have noticed in my last few entries that I am occasionally referring to the concept of self love.  How does that make you feel?  A bit uncomfortable? Unworthy? Or more like:

“hell yeah baby – I’ll have some of that!!”

Hopefully the above, but there are so many people out there struggling with the idea that they need to love themselves.  Bieber aside, I am not talking about narcissism, I am talking about a calm and happy acceptance of yourself, including all the imperfections, blotches and bad hair days.  You need to be your main idol, your prime cheerleader, your number 1. Continue reading