IMG_0356My name is Samantha Spiers, and I live in a very pretty corner of Kent in England.  I have two young children and I work in London.  Since I left University and joined the professional world I noticed that it became harder and harder to find time for myself.  I was always too tired after a long day at work to do much more than watch TV!

This feeling became even more profound when I started my family, and was at its lowest during the time when I had a baby that had issues which kept him awake for most of the night, an energetic toddler, and a job which required me to stay on top of my game.  That was when I first thought: “if I only just had 5 minutes to myself”.  

Many of us are living very busy lives with very little time to think about what we might do with the five/thirty/sixty spare minutes that we have, so I am hoping to start a conversation that will reach out and connect busy people from all over the globe, through the web, instagram and facebook, to help us enrich our lives by bringing many ideas together to inspire us all to do something different, or do something better, every day; a way to consciously engage with yourself and the world around you for at least five minutes every single day.