Trust in your power to select what is right for you and believe you have earned the right to travel your own path, guilt-free.

I have made significant progress so far this year with my own well-being. This hasn’t been entirely on my own, I have had lots of help along the way and I am so pleased that I sought advice from a (professional) stranger. This was an organic development in my life: as I am taking a step back and trying to create a happier, more meaningful connection both with myself and those who are closest to me I have learnt that we have to take time to consider paths that are set before us, and trust in our instincts to follow the right one, grateful for the journey we experience rather than focussing on the end-game.

This is actually quite a tricky mindset to achieve. At a time of ‘now’ and ‘instant’ culture all this easy accessibility has contributed to negative sentiments in our psyche of both impatience and laziness – we prefer to buy what can be delivered tomorrow, and in some instances we have replaced sending cards with text messages or Facebook posts (this has become increasingly relevant for me as more and more of my friends and relatives move abroad).

I think that this undercurrent within our culture makes it harder for us to approach life with a calm and open sensibility. Whilst there is a growing movement to shop more mindfully, both in terms of where our purchases come from and their production process (growing vegan movement/awareness of human rights abuses in the textile industry) it will take some time to become ingrained and it will always struggle against the overwhelming desires that we have to make our complicated existence easier.

To take a step back for a moment, I am writing this as a person who at times becomes overwhelmed by everything that is going on in their life – with other exceptionally busy people in mind. Such people do not have much headspace, they do not have the wherewithal to consider which locally-produced, hand-made beautiful product they can buy either as a gift or for their home from the craft fair. Regardless of the bitter irony that they would actually extremely appreciate and enjoy doing that very thing! We collectively drool over Etsy and Not On The High Street but don’t necessarily plan ahead enough to avoid ordering at Amazon or John Lewis. Fact.

I have been working extra hours for the first six weeks of this year, which has the ability to have a significant impact on my home-life, my wellbeing, and my ability to contribute to this blog or my Instagram account. However, it hasn’t been anywhere near as stressful as it has in prior years as I am in a happier place, simply because I have been trying to follow my own guidelines of:

– having a few things in mind that I would like to achieve/do this year

– ensuring that the free time I do have is spent with favourite people doing favourite things

– not sacrificing me-time for anything, trying to ensure that I spend at least 5 minutes every day on ME

– managing my diary – ensuring that there is free space to allow for spontaneity and reflection

I repeat: taking more time-out, as I frequently mention, is crucial to getting to a happier state of mind!

I am well-aware of the challenges that this year will bring me, which have inadvertently become the things that I would like to achieve/resolve by the end of the year. The biggest challenge is that I need to find a new home which demands an incredible amount of headspace, physical time for viewings and most importantly requires me to use my voice much more than usual to ensure that my personal needs are protected. The other things are not insubstantial either, but for once and most importantly: I don’t feel anxious.

Regardless of the source of your faith, whether it be from a higher being, the collective bonding force of nature or ‘The Universe’, or the sheer power of yourself- it is imperative that you learn to trust your instincts and are open to acting upon them. Over my recent journey to find calmness and strength, one of the most important lessons I have learnt is to have faith in myself and trust my intuition. Because my intuition instinctively serves to protect and nurture me and my loved ones, it guides me onto a route that is best for me – one that is free of the obstacles and diversions that will benefit others at the sacrifice of my own needs.

I now have the strength to resist being bullied into the modern day, media-fuelled concept that I need to be perfect and in control of everything. I now recognise this for what it is: fake and destructive – a concept which leads to anxiety, guilt and self-judgement. As I say, this route is the one I have chosen for myself- it is the only way forward for ME. Of course, I encourage you to take inspiration from me if it strikes a chord, take guidance from those important to you that you choose to surround yourself with, use their confidence in you to bolster your own, but above all else remember this is your journey, nobody else’s.

Trust in your power to select what is right for you and believe you have earned the right to travel your own path guilt-free.

Photo by Ryan Moreno on Unsplash

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